Septime La Cave

Septime Cave Facade

Septime’s Chef-Owner Bertrand Grebaut transformed an old Cordonnerie (shoe repair) into a pretty little wine cave-shop a few steps down from the restaurant where you can pop in for a glass & nibbles, or pull a bottle from the shelves and stay awhile.

Paris has plenty of wine bars, but most people don’t realize that doesn’t mean you can show up for just a glass of wine at the bar. Depending upon various circumstances, licensing regulations means that food must be served. In most cases though, young gun chefs have raised the bar food menu to the next level, blurring the lines between a dive bar open all day and a proper restaurant open only at meal times. They aren’t being unwelcoming by insisting that you eat food, it is the law.

No worries at Septime La Cave though, it is one of the few places in Paris where you can take a break at the bar with a glass of wine throughout the day, without the pressure of sitting down to eat a full meal.

Bertrand kept the charming vintage wooden facade on the street, adding a simple chalkboard message giving thanks to the small production low-sulfite wine producers whose lives’ work can be found inside.

Pierre is the super nice guy behind the bar serving up small plate snacks such as Colonnata pancetta, sliced smoked duck breast, fennel sausage, foie gras & smoked eel, and sardines in herb butter served with glasses of Herve Villemade’s sparkling Loire white, Sebastien Bobinet Loire red, Le Jaja de Berlioz and Rhone BBQ from the guys at P-U-R.