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New Opening: Le Bon Saint Pourçain

Thrilled that serial restaurateur David Lanher (Racines NYC, Racines Paris, Vivant & Stern Caffè) has purchased and refurbished a restaurant in the heart of St Germain – where finding a decent restaurant has become increasingly difficult in recent years.

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New Opening: HERO (Korean French Fried Chicken)

Whether or not Paris needed a Korean fried chicken joint is beside the point – it has one and I’m in love. The ever clever concept group behind Candelaria, Glass & Le Mary Celeste have hit another home run.


Sneak Peek & New Opening: Chef Guy Savoy’s 3 – Star Restaurant Moves to the Left Bank

With sophisticated dishes like salmon cooked on dry ice to comfort food like lamb and bone marrow oyster toast – accompanied by Seine River views… this is set to be one of the most romantic fine dining settings in the city.


Le 6 Paul Bert’s New Chef: Kosuké Tada

From the kitchen of David Toutain, new Chef Kosuké Tada (pictured right) is at the helm of the Le 6 Paul Bert – continuing in the contemporary modern style that the popular restaurant is known for.

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Restaurant Gare au Gorille

Marc Cordonnier & Louis Langevin’s time learning the art of hospitality at Septime Restaurant served them well. Their 1st project in an unexpected part of town is a new favorite – sophisticated tasting menus (lunch is 25€!), lively tapas evenings & natural wine.

Veal Butter

New Opening: Amarante

Chef Christophe Philippe is in full traditional old-school mode with top-notch French ingredients on his menu: snails, foie gras, brains, tongue, sweetbreads, slow-roasted lamb and veal, and huge fatty beef steaks for two with damn good potato puree. The only garnish is butter. What’s not to love?

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Forgot standing in line across the street for a falafel. Tel Aviv’s Chef Eyal Shani’s Parisian branch of Miznon is where you can find serious line cooks using top-notch ingredients to make extraordinarily good stuffed pita sandwiches from scratch. I fantasize about the lamb at least once a day.


Le Jeu de Quilles

Benoit Reix’s friendly table d’hôte style bistro is a favorite among the natural wine aficionados and Paris chefs who cross town for his modern home cooking and wines. All the products are sourced from top producers including his famous neighbor, butcher Hugo Desnoyer.

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Taste your way through some of France’s most respected oyster beds, at Guy Savoy’s tiny new “Huitrade” oyster bar across the street from his flagship restaurant – a fantastic and fun addition to the nearly non-existent food scene by the Arc de Triomphe.

Pierre Cooking Class

Get Cooking with Chef Pierre Sang Boyer

Top Chef contestant Pierre Sang’s instinctive “freestyle” approach in his two restaurants in the 11th stay true to his Korean & French roots. Now you can learn from Pierre in the market and kitchen with his new series of food & wine classes.

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