Summer Picks

My Top Picks For Great Paris Restaurants Open All/Part of August

This summer, there are an unprecedented amount of not just OK restaurants, but GREAT restaurants open all of/part of August. Skip the tourist traps and eat & drink well at my top picks below. This list is being updated daily – so check back.

CVR ESP Au Passage

Where to Eat in Paris Right Now: According to the Paris Food & Wine Industry

If you want to know where to eat & drink in Paris right now, get “branché” (plugged in) and out of the central tourist zones and follow these opinionated-hard workers down quiet alleys, along cobblestoned streets and into residential neighborhoods for an essential taste of the Paris food & wine scene.

Pierre Sang Bar Oberkampf

Top 10 Restaurant Reservation Tips for Paris

Calling for restaurant reservations can feel intimidating with the language barrier and time difference, but it doesn’t have to be.


Le 6 Paul Bert’s New Chef: Kosuké Tada

From the kitchen of David Toutain, new Chef Kosuké Tada (pictured right) is at the helm of the Le 6 Paul Bert – continuing in the contemporary modern style that the popular restaurant is known for.


Service & Tipping in French Restaurants

The question of tipping in France can be confusing – only because of the conflicting information out there regarding rules and etiquette. Hopefully, the following “tips” will set the record straight as simply as possible.

Epicurious Cover copy

Epicurious.com Article: Where to Eat Like a Local in Paris

Thrilled to have been asked by Epicurious.com to contribute to their insider’s guide to the best places to eat and drink in Paris right now. In case you missed it, here it is.

Rino Playlist Cover

Playlist: RINO

Rino’s Chef Giovanni Passerini takes it old-school with Sam Cooke tracks – somehow making the white truffle pasta taste even better… if that is possible!

Hot off of the Press Cover

Hot Off The Press: Paris’ Top 8 Food Reads

I should call this “shameless plugs for friends with books!” See what I love about each and where you can find a copy in English and/or French.

LAC Playlist

Playlist: L’Avant Comptoir

Yves Camdeborde’s wildly popular L’Avant Comptoir wine bar has a hot mix of music tracks. From Usher and Daft Punk to Hollysiz and Santana, get ready to move your feet to their Top 18 playlist.

Rain Dog Feature

Cocktail + Music Recipe: How to Make Mary Celeste’s Rain Dog

Le Mary Celeste is known equally for its food, libations & music – naming one of it most popular cocktails “Rain Dog” after singer-songwriter Tom Waits’ 9th album. If you can’t be in Paris to experience Mary Celeste – listen to their hottest in-house tracks here while shaking up this awesome cocktail recipe.

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