Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these tours for?

These tours are for curious independent travelers over 16+ years of age — including enthusiasts, chefs and industry pros—who would love to learn about bread, pastry, cheese, wine, chocolate, charcuterie and produce in-depth while eating through wonderful markets, award-winning bakeries, artisanal cheese and chocolate shops and wine bars.


What is the size limit of the walking tours? If I am traveling alone, can I join a group?

Wendy keeps it personal! These small, intimate tours are 100% private for your group of 2-4 friends or family traveling together, over 16+ years old. Once you register for a date, it belongs solely to you.


Are the Paris Kitchen Food Walks suitable for children?

Each walking tour was created specifically for adults interested in learning about Paris’ food, culture and wine. Since children have a limited attention span and we do a lot of standing, the 3-hour walking tours and wine bars are just not suitable for them.


Do I need to be physically fit?

The food tours are not speed walking tours but you should be fit enough to be on your feet for three hours. Stores are not always wheelchair accessible, street benches are few and far between and most cafes not willing to share chairs to rest without ordering food or drinks. Just let Wendy know in advance if you have any concerns.


What times are the tours held?

Check each specific tour but on average, the walking tours are held Tuesday through Saturday monrings at 10:00 a.m. with additional afternoon tours available in the summer & fall at 1:15pm.


Unavailable Dates

Mondays are when most food shops & restaurants practice a weekly closing. France has many holidays, most notably July & August, the national summer holiday.


How do I register for a tour?

Simply read the available dates for each different tour, go to the Calendar & Bookings page, select an available date and tell me which tour you are interested in taking.


What happens when I make my online booking?

Once The Paris Kitchen has received your request and payment, a confirmation will be sent immediately to the email address provided during registration. This confirmation gives all details related to the tour, along with a brief questionnaire about your tastes and preferences so that it can be tailor-made where possible.


What is the Cancelation Policy?

All reservations are nonrefundable because your space is being guaranteed for your private tour, no exceptions. Walks start promptly. Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes and no shows will be treated as cancelations. It is your responsibility to be on time at the correct location a few minutes early, especially if you are not familiar with Paris. Cancelation policies also apply to any agreed upon rescheduled tour. Although every attempt is made to accommodate last-minute requests, tours are often sold out months in advance and cancellations are rare. For a cancelation on our end for any reason, refunds are made within 30 – 45 days.


Do I have to book in advance? Can I just arrive and pay cash? Can each of us pay separately?

Reservations must be made in advance to hold a date, and can only be purchased by debit or credit card using Paypal. E-checks and cash are not accepted. There is only one payment accepted per date & group.


How long is the tour?

The duration of the tours last about 3 ½ hours on Wednesday – Saturday mornings at 10 a.m., with a 15-minute grace period. Late arrivals and no shows will be treated as a last minute cancelation & non-refundable.


Weather & Things To Bring Along

All walking tours take place out of doors on flat terrain while it is raining, freezing, snowing and the sun is shining brightly. During the summer you will be in direct sunlight and will need sunglasses, sunblock and hats. During the winter, your toasty-warm accommodations can be deceiving so be sure to dress for freezing weather and cold brisk wind, including socks and outerwear. The food tours cannot stop for buying these types of purchases unless it is an emergency. Check the weather conditions in advance and daily on, and dress appropriately (e.g., umbrella, boots, hats, sunblock).

If there is serious weather predicted, you will be contacted prior to attempt to reschedule if at all possible.


How much food is served?

Depending upon the specific tour will be grazing through 4-5 addresses including bakeries, cheese shops, chocolatiers, farmers markets & wine bars.


How much walking is involved on the tour? How is the walking pace?

The walking tours are about 3 ½ hours and we will be on our feet 100% of the time. The tours are led at a very casual pace between standing & walking on flat terrain.


What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

You will enjoy learning information about France’s customs as well as beautiful cheeses, cured meats, pastries, bread, chocolate and wine – but you are not obligated to eat or drink anything you are not comfortable with.

However, if you have more than one or a combination of restrictions: lactose intolerant, allergic to gluten, a vegetarian and a non-drinker – these tours are definitely not for you.

Of course Wendy will do her best to work with individuals who have specific allergies, but France is a country where pride is placed on carbs, sugar, meat & wine. When you make your booking you have an opportunity to let Wendy know which dietary restrictions you have.


How many people can take the tour?

Minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people. All tours are private for a couple or group of family/friends over 16 yrs old – traveling together.


Are cameras permitted on the tour?

Cameras are most certainly permitted and photos are absolutely encouraged. On the rare occasion photography is not permitted, Wendy will let you know in advance.


If the tour that I want to take is sold out can I get on a waiting list?

Absolutely. Please email and Wendy will let you know what the options are if you are unable to get you on the tour of your choice.


Is this strictly an eating & drinking or a shopping tour?

The walks of course provide an opportunity to eat, drink and shop for various French foods, but first and foremost they are informative experiences created so that you come away with a deeper understanding of France’s food, culture and customs.

Before you taste anything, you will learn the back-story of the vendors & the various food customs associated with each. You’ll soon realize there is much to discover beyond the food. You’ll also wonder how you will remember everything without taking notes, but there won’t be a quiz and the memories will stay with you.


Are gift certificates available?

Absolutely! Just email to purchase one.