L’Avant Comptoir Wine Bar


As wildly popular as celebrity Chef Yves Camdeborde’s Le Comptoir St Germain bistro is, not many people realize he has a little tapas-style wine bar next-door hidden behind an unassuming crepe stand.

Don’t be bashful, step behind the plastic curtain with a pig painted on it – and join the locals, chefs, winemakers and other food industry people standing (no chairs) around the zinc bar elbow-to-elbow.

From 12 noon to midnight, the place is packed with folks ordering Yves’ fantastic finger foods from the drop-down ceiling menu and chalkboard daily specials such as: plates of shaved ham/chorizo/charcuteries, eggs & truffles, ham croquettes, duck confit sausage hotdogs, Parmesan pesto cheese puffs with lime and black pepper, seared foie gras red pepper skewers, fried chicken and of course the famous artichoke & cured ham waffles.

Friendly barman Eric personally curates the all-natural wine list and knows how to help you get the perfect glass or bottle for your taste.

The motto here is “everything in the pig is good!”

If you are looking for a fun social address to meet your friends to eat & drink during or in between meals – this is it.

How to “do” the wine bar?

There are “stations” along the bar stocked with goods for everyone to share: crocks of cornichon pickles, Brittany salted butter, Thierry Breton country bread, Kalamata olive oil, sea salt, buckets of silverware, napkins, etc.

Orders are taken & prepared one dish at a time, first come first serve. If you think they are ignoring you, they aren’t… there are people ahead of you being helped. When it is your turn, they will tell you. Be prepared to order quick.

There are only two guys racing up and down behind the bar and one man in the kitchen with (at times) trying to serve 40 people at once.

The crepes are sold to go from the street and not for inside the wine bar.


Restaurant Type: Small Plates Wine Bar, Bottle Shop
Price Point: 5-10€ per plate avg
Bonus Points: Open Monday, Open Late, Wine Shop