Le Servan

The Levha sisters developed a loyal following the minute they opened Le Servan bistro in an entirely residential area of east Voltaire. They immediately charmed food critics, wine growers, chefs and most importantly their friends and voisins (neighbors) with a warm welcome and exciting comfort food from cumulative backgrounds in Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand & France.

Katia is a graceful butterfly with an endearing smile between the door, table and wine cellar while Chef Tatiana (L’Arpege, L’Astrance alum) is using classic French technique and imagination in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner menus are often completely different: fantastic fried wontons stuffed with boudin noir, whole artichoke with peanut sauce, soft-boiled egg with fava bean and cucumber, flash-fried Jerusalem artichoke with fresh almonds, suckling pig & crackling skin, fried tofu & eggplant, clams/snails/Thai basil/ginger/red chili – but again picky eaters; “animal bits” are prevalent on the menu: veal brains poached in butter, breaded fried duck hearts/sweet chili, etc.

The wines are of course all natural, and Katia is a tremendous resource if you are curious or have questions.

Bonus Points: Open Monday, Watching Tatiana Work in the Kitchen, Solo Dining at the Bar